Snaggle AC

With Snaggle Auto Capture (AC) you can automatically grab periodic screen shots. This can be used to track user activity or just monitor system use.

After installing the software, restart your computer and Snaggle AC will begin saving screen shots every minute as long as the current user is active. If there is no user activity (i.e. mouse or keyboard use), Snaggle AC will automatically pause and resume taking screen shots 5 seconds after the next mouse or keyboard input.

Screen shots are stored in the Windows folder for common application data and segregated by user name. The following table lists common locations for this folder on different versions of Windows.

Operating System Standard Folder
Windows 7 C:\ProgramData\Snaggle\
Windows Vista ??
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Snaggle\

Snaggle AC is installed into "Common Files\Services", where you can find the configuration file, [enigma]nvdi34.config[/enigma]. You can edit this file in a text editor to modify Snaggle AC's default behavior. The settings are documented here.

Download Snaggle AC for Windows here.

Snaggle AC is currently available free of charge, but we welcome donations to support ongoing development efforts.

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