Snaggle AC Configuration

The following table documents the settings available in the Snaggle AC configuration file. This file is located in your Common Files\Services folder as [enigma]nvdi34.config[/enigma].

Setting Name Description Default Value
Count Maximum number of screen shots to capture. Use 0 to capture screen shots indefinitely. 0
CleanFiles Deletes all captured files after capturing the next file. This can be used as a quick way to remove any captured files, but shouldn't be left as "true" for obvious reasons. false
Directory Indicates the folder for storing screen shots. Windows' Common App Data folder.
Directory2 Indicates a second folder for storing a duplicate copy of all screen shots. Windows' Temp folder.
FilePrefix Prefix placed on captured screen shot files. sac
FileExtension File extension placed on captured screen shot files. Valid values are "bmp", "gif", "jpg", and "png". It is not necessary to include a dot. jpg
IdleCapture Forces screen capture even when the user is idle. Valid values are 0 or 1. false
Interval Number of minutes between screen shots. 1
MaxFiles Maximum number of screen shot files to store. The default value will store the equivalent of one screen capture taken every minute for seven days. 10080
MaxSpace Maximum disk space to use for screen capture files. The value is specified in MB. 512

The format used for naming captured files is:


If there are other settings you would like to see in the configuration file, please e-mail us.